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Find out the 5 easy to implement strategies that you can immediately use to do a better job hiring, coaching and leading your small business team for optimal performance!
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Leadership Training and Coaching Programs

We help small business leaders with Innovative strategies to hire, coach and lead teams for optimal performance. Get the skills, templates and tools for what you need to get results!

  • Discover how to identify resources needed, find, interview and hire the right candidates.
  • Find out the key strategies, skills and tools to coach, engage and retain your top performing team.
  • Learn how to lead with confidence, effectively communicate, maximize team expertise and help your team achieve higher levels of performance together!

When you have limited people resoures and a ton of things to get done...You need to have the right people strategies in place to get more done with less.

That's what we help you accomplish and that's what gives you the Small Business Leadership Edge!

The Small Business Leadership Edge Training Programs

  • Small Business Hiring Managers Blueprint

    The 5 Steps to Market, Interview and Hire the Right Candidates
    Learn the easy structure you can use to recruit, interview and hire the right candidates, vendors or resources for your small business.
    We give you the strategies, simple processes, templates and help you create behavioral questions to identify and assess the right talent for your business.
  • Breakthrough Leadership Essentials Bootcamp

    How to Coach, Engage & Retain High Performing Small Business Teams
    What you need to do different  to coach, connect and help your teams become highly productive. In this bootcamp small business leaders discover how to help your people communicate, collaborate and take innovative action that gets consistent results!
    Coach, engage and utllize your people resources and expertise to the fullest!
  • Your Small Business Leadership Edge

    Maximize Your Business Management Skills to  Lead with Excellence!
    Gain the confidence, easy to implement strategies and key principles that top leaders use to lead teams and their business for success.
    Discover your leadership style and create a team enviornment that engages and inspires your team to do more! You'll also find out the keys to build business skills to lead with confidence and credibility.
  • ""Toni's training program has made a major breakthrough within our company. The information is second to none. She is motivating and provides a step-by-step formula on how to actively achieve your goals with a systematized approach and concise measures to hit your targets. Thanks Toni!"
    Heath Dixon - One World Estates

The Leadership Powerbyte

  • 3 Principles to Grow Your Team
     Grow Your Team and Get Results
    • As a small business owner your ability to build a productive team is invaluable to overall success.

      After facilitating global management sessions to over 3,000 managers in the past 2 years; I’ve found that the most successful managers still have a core set of principles.
  • 10 Keys to Chose Consultants
    Selecting Consultants for Your Business
    • Hiring a consultant for your business is always challenging; heck it’s difficult for corporate managers as well. The difference is that a corporate leader is typically pulling from deep pockets. Whereas for a small business owner or manager, the financial impact is a big deal.
  • 5 Interviewing Strategies
    5 Interviewing Tactics for Hiring
    • No matter what the marketplace looks like, it’s usually difficult to find quality candidates.

    • Once you find a quality candidate it’s even more challenging for most managers to interview and effectively assess a person’s skills and cultural fit for the position.

Transform your business by gaining the skills to lead and grow a successful business!

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