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My name is Toni Navy, your Business Strategy Expert and #1 Best Selling Author. I help entrepreneurs and  leaders build a business, hire and lead a team for business success! Our training and consulting programs are designed to:

  • Help entrepreneurs that want to grow their business, package, price and promote their business!
  • Help small business leaders hire, coach and lead their teams for top performance!

The bottom line is that when you up-level your business or career, you have a chance to change lives the lives of others doing what you are destined to do AND transform your own lifestyle.

Training and Consulting Programs

  • "Toni Navy is a masterful strategist! She took the time to really get to know my business, and helped me clarify my brand and my marketing message in a way that totally resonates with my ideal clients. She cares about her clients, and she's got the expertise to help you achieve the results you want, quickly. If you need help strategizing and marketing your business, Toni's the one to call!"
    Holly Doherty - The Confidence Coach


    • As we say in Small Business Football Marketing, it takes 100 yards to get up the football field to market and make touchdowns in your business. Each of us has to establish that know, like, respect and trust relationship for people to want to buy from you.
      And a few of the easiest and fastest ways to build trusted relationships that turn into sales would be...
    • Recently, I watched an MSNBC Small Business focused segment where the CEO of Edible Arrangements shared the best practice for inspiring employees.

      He recommends that we write down the process or exact steps you use to achieve results in your business and then use that process to train your team like crazy.
    5 Tips to Nail Your Marketing Messages
    • Do you get the jitters sometimes when you’re at a networking event or connecting with someone and you have to introduce yourself or explain what you do?

      Or what about when people start asking additional questions regarding your products and services…is it a challenge for you? I sometimes feel anxiety when sharing information about my business too!
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